How to get rid of Early Grey’s or white’s Naturally – A complete Guide

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12 December
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Chop, chop…… chop them all. Is that the first thought, when you see that shining white in your early teens??? Or maybe you plan to color it off as per your Mom’s instructions that ‘chopping will get you more whites’. Or perhaps the fear makes you google—How to get rid of early grey’s or whites naturally?

This is one of the most common problem of youth round the globe these days. In India, almost 82% of the population is suffering from the same issue. So, kudos, you are not alone…!

Despite this being so common problem, youth tend to suffer from stress, low self-esteem & related mental issues. Studies have shown that this may occur at any age group right from toddlers till old age. However, losing hope & self-esteem should be the last thing on your plate as there are multiple ways to encounter this problem. Amla juices, proper oiling, hydrating your hair, intakes of vitamin E, etc. are few yet effective ways to combat this problem. In this article, we will try to encounter all your issues naturally. So, let us understand this problem a little deeper & a little better.

Key points:
  1. What is grey/white hair?
  2. What are the causes?
  3. How to get rid of it naturally?
  4. Other FAQ?

What is Grey/ White Hair?

  What is Grey Hair      

Hair color is determined by Melanin (a hair cell/follicle). ,
This melanin is of 2 types:

  1. Eumelanin (Black & brown shade)
  2. Pheomelanin. (Blonde & Red shade)

Greater quantum of Melanin = Darker hair shades 

Less Quantum of Melanin = Lighter hair shades.


Ideally what we conclude is – grey/ white hair occurs when melanin is stopped being produced.

“Grey /white hair is a combination of normally pigmented hair interspersed with black hair”

What are the Causes?

With age, the amount of melanin in hair gets reduced, which is why it turns grey and finally white. Some of the other causes are: -

  1. Genetics
  2. Stress
  3. Improper Dietary Habits
  4. Chemical Hair Products.
  5. Hormonal Imbalance

Other factors

  • Smoking
  • Pollution / Weather conditions
  • Vitamin Deficiency
  • Medical Conditions
 What are the Causes?

How to get rid of it Naturally?

 How to get rid of White hair Naturally

Who doesn’t like natural treatment ??? here are a few natural remedies:

  • Include Amla in your diet
  • Quit smoking.
  • Proper Oiling.
  • Stop using chemical hair or styling products frequently.
  • Hair Coloring – It comes with many challenges, including which one is better Organic or Chemical hair color. Going organic is the need of the hour. In fact, in today’s age, everybody prefers to opt for chemical-free, organic brands but finding 100% organic hair brand is not everyone’s cup of tea. Remember not to be fooled by those flashy adds that claim organic but sell vice- versa. 

Cultivator’s Organic Hair Color is the ONE STOP solution to all your hair problems

  • It is exclusively PPD Free, Ammonia-free, and Hydrogen Peroxide Free Hair color.
  • The best part of the hair color is that it is 100% chemical-free that makes it a superb skin-friendly hair color for usage.
  • The major area of our concern is our natural hair color. Well, being an organic hair color this will not affect the melanin of our hair and thus will not harm our natural hair shade.
  • Will fight with many hair problems of hair fall especially with its hair fall fighting ingredient Amla.
And guess the cherry on the cake?? It comes with 35 plus certifications from different authorities which makes it the most authentic hair color brand.
 Cultivator’s Organic Hair Color is the ONE STOP solution to all your hair problems

Other FAQs?

What is Melanin?

Melanin: The pigment that gives human skin, hair, and eyes their color. More melanin means darker hair shade.

What is the best natural remedy to get black hair again?

Well, to get black hair again is a myth all we can do is coloring our hair with Cultivator’s Organic Hair Colors to get black hair naturally.

Can we reverse hair greying naturally?

Reversing grey hair is impossible, we can control grey hair by using natural remedies but cannot reverse it.

Can plucking of grey hair can cause more greying?

It is a myth; grey hair will just regrow the same way from that follicle. Continually plucking will traumatize the follicle so eventually, it will not produce hair at all.

Which is the best Organic Hair Color?

Cultivator’s Organic Herbal Hair Colors is the best because it repairs hair first which were damaged by using chemical-based hair color, then they show their organic color on repaired hair!

How long does the Cultivator’s color stay on hair?

Being a semi-permanent hair color, Cultivator’s organic hair color lasts for 15 to 20 washes.

How do we know if something is Organic?

Organic refers to the way the ingredients have been treated before they have been composed into the product. Brands can label their products as organic only after receiving proper certification, and the packet usually mentions the certification and the organization from where it has acquired that certification. If it does not, chances are, it is not organic.

Can using of hair colors cause more greying?

The concept that grey hairs can be caused by frequent coloring is nothing more than a myth. When you apply dye to your hair, the hair follicle, where grey hairs originate, is not affected. So, coloring your hair does not lead to premature greys.

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