Company Overview

Company Overview

India has had a long history of Ayurveda, and natural holistic medicines and methods for self-care. Following this tradition, Mr. Das founded this company with the name Sonamukhi Udyog in 1999. It was later, in the year 2005, that we changed our name to Cultivator Natural Products Pvt. Ltd.

Today, we are well known for being a producer, processor, and exporter of certified organic herbs and botanicals in India, and for supplying the highest quality of these products to the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmeceutical industries.

We specialize in organic herbal hair color and are the only manufacturers of organic hair color in India with our own pharmaceutical-grade clean room facility. Our base is in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, where we own over 3,000 acres of cultivation land and 1,00,000 sq. feet of processing facilities.

We believe in crafting every product with care. That’s why we ensure that purity is embedded in all our products as a lead principle. We personally select the raw herbs and process them to keep their quality as fresh as from the fields, even when they reach our customers.


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