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Welcome to Cultivator’s!

CULTIVATOR NATURAL PRODUCTS is the Perfect Confluence of Ayurveda and Luxury in the Natural Cosmetics while being affordable for all. In our quest to bring the luxurious ayurvedic secrets to the masses, we couldn’t confide our feelings in any word that shows are real roots except ‘’Cultivator”. We have marked the beginning of our journey long ago in 1988 and now we are expanding our horizons to get Cultivator’s 100% Organic, Herbal & Natural Hair Color across India.

We aren’t just an organic herbal hair care, skin care, and health supplements company; Our organization is rather an embodiment of beauty and health care with millennia-old secrets of Ayurveda. We have laid the foundation of this brand on purity, sustainability, tranquillity, and affordability. We believe that our customer in this 21st century deserve products no less than Angelic ones.

Hair Colors from CULTIVATOR NATURAL PRODUCTS are infused with unsurpassable insights from centuries of Ayurvedic knowledge, intricately blended ingredients in their purest forms, sourced from certified organic farmlands and natural sanctuaries.

We are World’s First Fair For Life (FFL) Certified Hair Color & India’s First Beauty Product to have the FFL Certification. We also have completely sustainable packaging as well.


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henna+black combo

Two Step Natural Coloring Kit (Henna & Black)

1,280.00 Buy Now

Two Step Natural Coloring Kit (Henna & Indigo)

1,280.00 Buy Now
Cultivator's Organic Deep Chestnut Hair Color

Organic Herbal Hair Color (Deep Chestnut)

640.00 Buy Now
Cultivator's Organic Walnut Hair Color

Organic Herbal Hair Color (Walnut)

640.00 Buy Now

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Cultivator Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. is India’s leading 100% TRULY ORGANIC manufacturing and producing company that aims on giving back to mother nature by creating an end-to-end sustainable development approach. We offer Fair for Life – Fairtrade certified, USDA- NOP certified, ECOCERT as NPOP certified, COSMOS certified & ECOCERT Cosmetics certified finished products that are good for health and good for nature. Our promise and hard work is reflected in the international certifications that we have earned.


CULTIVATOR’S is a Farmer, a Producer, a Creator, a Maker, an Inventor, a Nourisher, a Provider, a Protector, a Manufacturer, and a Caregiver. ‘Cultivator’ isn’t just a name; it is a Holistic Viewpoint that finds a perfect balance between Life and Nature.

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Customer Reviews

We believe in crafting with care, compassion, and careful consideration. We take pride in our products and our customers think so too!

"Good Product, No Skin Problem "

The product is fantastic. Doesn't have any reactions with the skin. Natural and organic way to dye your hair. The best product ever. I will suggest this to everyone who wishes to naturally color their hair.

"The Fantastic Product "

The cultivator hair color gives incredibly beautiful hair. I could really feel the softness, even though I had wavy hair. The cultivator hair color has given my hair extra lustre.

"Happy with the Product "

Very good tool, but you need to know how to use it properly to obtain the best results. I'm happy with the purchase. Excellent hair covering by Gery

"Highly Recommended "

It is absolute worth of money just loved the product as it is made of natural ingredients it has no side effects

"Satisfied with the product."

As a customer, I am very much satisfied with the product as it added shine and resolved all my hair problems and I also find the product easy to use.

"Chemical Free, works as a great hair conditioner"

I've tried a lot of natural henna, but this is by far the finest. The product is chemically free and worked as a conditioner to nourish your hair.

"Perfect solution to color your hair naturally."

I usually use this product because I like how natural it is and how it doesn't make my eyes burn.

"Amazing product!"

The product seems good to use as it gives great results on the first application itself. Will suggest you use the product on a regular basis to resolve every hair problem.

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