Our Story

Cultivator’s has been availing a huge range of products in the B2B market segment including organic whole herbs, powder herbs, bulk herbs, botanicals, spices, herbs & spice mix, hair color, hair masks, hair color tablets, hair care range, health supplements, essential oils, body oils, hydrosols, and other on-demand customized products. We have brought together unparalleled technologies with revolutionary ingredients to give our customers the best of Ayurveda. We offer a holistic healthcare range certified & tested on various quality parameters to give you the best of Ayurveda.

We have now entered the B2C segment with our star product range – World’s first Fair For Life (FFL) certified Organic Herbal Hair Colors. More products are on the way to the market segment in the coming days!

We have sown the seeds of optimal health and overall wellbeing. We have nourished and nurtured the plant. We have carefully made it ripe.



Our Mission

To promote sustainable, organic, and regenerative farming following the fair-for-life and fair-wild compliances and offer the best quality nutraceutical & cosmeceutical products in the market. Through research and innovation in our state-of-the-art processing, we step towards being a carbon-neutral, zero-waste, and thoroughly renewable-energy-based company.


Our Vision

To shape a future – ‘fair for farmers, fair for nature, fair for society, and fair for consumers’ – built on trust, transparency, traceability, & sustainability and meeting global quality standards. We strive to leave no stone unturned in making the purest products available to our customers.

Our Products


Haircare Color

Our natural herbal hair dye blends the virtues of nature with cutting-edge technology. In order to provide the appropriate color tone, ideal shine, and total nutrient absorption for the hair, we formulate 100% natural & organic vegetal coloration. Our hair color contains organic herbs that invigorate the growth hair and scalp health.

Cultivator’s Organic Herbal Hair Color uses only organically grown components that come from farms all across India. The FairWild and Fair for Life principles are strictly followed by us. Since we perform quality inspections at every manufacturing and processing stage from farm to finished product, our products are 100% chemical-free.

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Health Supplements

The core of ayurveda has always focused on Wellness. It’s based on the concept that general health and wellness rely on a delicate balance between mind, body, and spirit. If you’ve been searching for a holistic and balanced approach to your overall health, all you need is Cultivator’s Health & Wellness formulations. Cultivator’s organic supplements are a powerhouse of organic herbs & botanicals. The range also includes supplements with a high count of beneficial Plant powder designed to support and nourish a healthy lifestyle. You’ll find no synthetic chemicals here. Just organic supplements designed with nature in mind to empower extraordinary health. Our supplements are certified & tested on various quality parameter to give you the best of Ayurveda.

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From ancient times, Ayurveda has taken a comprehensive and holistic approach to treating various functions of the human body holistically. Ayurvedic herbs offers solution to all kinds of issues related with skincare and beauty. These herbs have the potential to maintain a balance within the body that enhances the inner beauty and increases skin radiance.

Our skincare products are certified & tested on international quality parameter at every stage of development to give the best results of Ayurveda. These skincare products are developed with utmost precision and great research.

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Super Ingredients

The word ayurveda in Sanskrit means “the science of life.” Whereas in modern medicine it is considered as a natural source of rejuvenating “Health & Wellness”. So, as to incorporate our Ayurveda wisdom into modern life we can up with a wide range of Organic Herb Powders that are a rich source of concentrated plant powder. Since nature has provided us with a treasure chest of useful plants, we have come up with a wide range of plant powders that have multiple usage.

Our ingredients have a wide range of benefits on health and wellness, depending on their usage. Every single ingredient is presented in its purest form and made available to the customers for their holistic wellbeing.

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Let’s meet the Cultivator’s Guardians

35 Years of Excellence in Organic Herbs, Botanicals, and Spices

  • Narayan-Das-Prajaati

    Mr. Narayan Dass Prajapati

    Founder & Chairman – Cultivator’s Group

    The "Agri-innovator" of the era has spent over last 35 years creating "Agricultural Miracles" across India and disseminating the "Power of Plants" over the globe. He embodies welfare, success, and knowledge in a tangible way.

  • Tarun-Prajapati

    Mr. Tarun Prajapati

    Managing Director, Co-Founder – Cultivator’s Group

    The herbalist-turned-"Agri-preneur," Mr. Tarun Prajapati, has won various awards and recognitions for his work in building Cultivator’s as a market leader. His patience, persistence, and perseverance has made us a global brand.

  • Sanjeev-Prajapati

    Mr. Sanjeev Prajapati

    Executive Director, Co-Founder – Cultivator’s Group

    Mr. Sanjeev Prajapati's commitment and dedication have developed Cultivator’s as a well-known brand that caters to the nutraceutical and the cosmeceutical industries. His leadership qualities have put the brand on the zenith.

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