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Quality Control

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Standardization is the most essential part for any formulation in order to achieve the batch to batch quality consistency. Cultivator Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. research team carry outs complete standardization right from raw material to finished herbal products.

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Immediate after harvesting and post harvesting practices; samples are drawn for screening and laboratory analysis before selling our wonderful botanicals to you. We will continue to work diligently to be your reliable supplier of organic botanicals.

Our Botanicals

Cultivator Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. follows the good agricultural and collection practices (GACP) of medicinal plants. Cultivation, harvesting, drying, packing, transportation, processing, testing are the major critical points to control and serve the finest quality of botanicals to our customers.

Our first choice when sourcing herbs is always certified organic. If organic isn’t available, we will choose an ethically wild harvested or “cultivated without chemicals” option.

Quality in the Field

Cultivator Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. currently has 25 organic farm operations producing some of our most popular botanicals. Along with this we built solid foundations with 250 farmers who consistently provide quality botanicals that meet our high standards.

Quality from the Farm to You

Immediate after arrival of botanicals to our processing facility, our qualified Quality Control member will extract samples for analysis. This sample is analyzed using sensoric / organoleptic tests and monograph requirements, and if approved, it is authorized to take in further processing steps.

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Cultivator Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. established own laboratory to check the identity / authenticity, sensory tests, monograph requirements, technical parameters, microbial and physical contaminants. This allow us to offer complete and sophisticated certificate of analysis. We also perform third party laboratory testing in Europe.

Identity Testing

Cultivator Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. perform identity test for each lot supplied to our customers to ensure that they are getting correct botanical. We perform Macroscopy and Organoleptic / Sensoric tests like Color, taste, flavor, infusion, aroma, appearance and size.

Microscopic Analysis

Pharmacognosy or microscopy is the strongest key of our company to standardize the botanical by identifying cellular level structure and characters. This allow us to supply 100% identified species of the botanicals without any adulteration.

Moisture Count Analysis

Using a latest Japanese digital moisture analyzer; we ensure the % of moisture in the botanical. This is very important because the material that is too moist is prone to mould, fungus and bacterial outbreaks. We keep the moisture less than 10% in our botanicals for the longer shelf life.

Macroscopic and Extraneous Analysis

We test our botanicals for proper identity, adulteration, extraneous matter, and cleanliness by using different apparatus. This helps us determine general filth, mammalian excreta, and other unallowable matter. Material that is filthy or having high levels of the extraneous matter is rejected.

Microbiological Testing

Cultivator Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. test for E. coli, Salmonella, Total Aerobic Bacteria, Yeast, Mould and Coliforms. We use AOAC approved testing methods, instruments and kits in our laboratory to ensure the best and reliable results of the botanicals. Some of the botanicals are higher in microbial contaminants from the farms level itself; than these products passes through our certified organic steam sterilization process to bring the microbial level within the limit. This is done to ensure the health and safety of our customers.

Mycotoxin Testing

Mycotoxins like Aflatoxins, ochratoxins is harmful to the health. Cultivator Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. periodically tests its materials for mycotoxins using third party laboratories in Europe.

Pesticides Residue Testing

Cultivator Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. does the complete screening of pesticide residue in third party laboratory to ensure the supply of pesticide free products to the customer.

Heavy Metal Testing

Heavy metals (lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium), while sometimes naturally occurring, can be harmful in significant amounts. Cultivator Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. periodically tests its materials for heavy metals using third-party laboratories in Europe.

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No Irradiation or Sterilization

For the safety of customers Cultivator Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. completely banned the treatment methods like irradiation, X-Ray, ozone, Ethylene Oxide, Gama radiation etc. Exposing plant materials to any of these methods can seriously jeopardize the integrity of the plant material.

We only allow to use certified organic steam sterilization in-house facility in some cases; where the microbial contamination is too high.

Freshness Dating

We try to ship the freshly harvested and processed materials to our customers. On each bulk shipment we mark “Date of Harvesting” and “Date of Processing”; which ensure our customers freshness of the product. Most cases we supply products harvested within one year.

Organic, Kosher, Halal and GMP Handling

Cultivator Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. has well qualified and trained staff to handle our botanicals. All the botanicals we offer is professionally handled, processed under strict hygienic conditions and properly labelled.

Monitoring Quality

Cultivator Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. has a very strong process flow standards and maintain the proper batch manufacturing record on daily basis.

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Cultivator Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. will be glad to provide you a copy of our organic certificate, kosher certificate, halal certificate, certificates of analysis, microscopy profiles, pesticide residue tests, heavy metal test, mycotoxins tests and MSDS on your request.

These documents are only available via fax or email. You can make a request by contacting our Customer Service department on e-mail: info@cultivator.in