Organic Herbal Hair Color

Our Organic herbal hair color combines the goodness of nature with scientific innovation. We formulate 100% natural & organic vegetal coloration to give the desired color shade, perfect luster, and complete nourishment to the hair. The organic herbs present in our hair color revitalize hair & scalp. Our colorations are powerhouses that effortlessly adhere to hair cuticles and impart the desired color without even slightest of the damage.

All the ingredients in Cultivator’s Organic Herbal Hair Color are organically sourced from farms across India. We strongly comply with FairWild and Fair for Life standards. Our products are completely chemical-free as we conduct quality checks at each manufacturing & processing stage from farm to finished product. Our state-of-the-art processing facility and advanced machinery ensure that the bio-actives remain intact in our final products. We have a vast range of herbal hair colors including 20 unique shades and we are developing even more shades.

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    1. Choose

    Choose the right shade of Cultivator’s Organic Hair Color

  • cultivator's-hair-color-preparation

    2. Prepare

    Keep the mixing bowl, shower cap, and gloves ready

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    3. Test

    Conduct a patch test and wait for several hours

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    4. Mix

    Mix the organic hair color with lukewarm water

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    5. Apply

    Apply color starting from roots and massage deeply

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    6. Wait

    Leave the color on for the recommended time

  • cultivator's-hair-powder-wash

    7. Wash

    Wash your hair clean with Cultivator’s shampoo

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    8. Dry

    Let the hair dry and use conditioning oil for the best results

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    Aloe vera

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