How To Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair In 5 Minutes?

How To Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair In 5 Minutes?

The commercials for hair cosmetics most often portray girls with perfectly smooth and glossy hair. You can get the same by using proper masks, oils, or combs. Many of us can face frizzy curls – a slight short frizz on the hair, which is difficult to tame. You have experienced the problem of unruly hair in high winds or humidity.
Frizzy hair makes you happy with the volume. Sometimes you want smoothness, but your hair looks like a dandelion. Unfortunately, this is a problem for many girls. Sometimes you may have a hard time with unruly hair because it tends to get electrified, looks ungroomed and is difficult to style. The dandelion effect occurs after repeated experiments with the image because of genetic disposition and other reasons. How to deal with this, and what does it mean to remove frizz hair? However, you can greatly improve the situation. No, not with the help of a flat iron and aggressive styling, but with the help of proper care. You will learn about this in the article. We will tell you how to stop and get rid of frizzy hair in 5 minutes.

What Treatments to Use Against Frizzy Hair?

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There are special products such as: creams, oils, serums, and  other special treatments to eliminate the dandelion effect. You can choose one or a few products to get rid of the frizz without much trouble. We offer you some of the best options that have proven themselves. These are effective products. They are sure to be good.


Conditioning cream

How to get rid of frizzy hair.  Use a conditioning cream. Give preference to those containing almond milk, argan oil, and proteins. These unique ingredients are rich in amino acids, vitamins, and antioxidants. We solve several problems when using such products:

  • intensive moisturizing;
  • smoothing the strands;
  • making curls silky;
  • elimination of split ends;
  • regeneration of damaged areas.

If you buy conditioning cream, the question “How to get rid of frizzy hair in 5 minutes?” will become irrelevant. The product easily “tames” naughty hair and provides a softening effect. Thousands of women have already evaluated the benefits of these products. You can also see the effectiveness of conditioning cream.


Hair Dyes

This is a very unexpected fact, but the wrong hair dye can also cause frizz. It happens because it dries the hair and makes it look unkempt. That is why we recommend you choose hair dyes more carefully. 

Natural-based products work best as a natural frizzy hair treatment. They contain many caring components that positively affect your hair’s quality, condition, and appearance. If you dye your hair red or brown, pay attention to henna. We are sure of the effectiveness of this ingredient because we know exactly how it affects the hair and how helpful it is in getting rid of frizzy hair. For a smoother effect, apply a mask after coloring.


Hair Softening Serum  

What to do to prevent hair frizz? Use a serum as a frizzy hair remedy,  specially formulated to eliminate the problem. It is the first product that should be on your list. The serum softens the strands and gives them a dazzling shine. Its application makes curls smooth and pleasant to the touch.

Often, the main ingredient is limnanthes. It improves the structure of the strands and accelerates growth. Hair becomes manageable, fully hydrated, and looks like silk. Is this what you’ve always dreamed of? Then buy this serum and get rid of frizziness.


Detangling Conditioner

Wondering how to make your hair frizz-free? A detangling conditioner is a great frizzy hair solution! It is a styling product enriched with valuable ingredients. These include shea butter, wheat proteins, rice extract, and lactic acid. It is a unique complex of components that improves the condition of the strands.

With a detangling conditioner, the question of how to get rid of frizzy hair in 5 minutes is easily solved. There are such positive moments in mind:

  • prevention of split ends;
  • neutralization of static electricity;
  • maintaining the balance of moisture;
  • reducing the excessive frizz;
  • providing a strengthening effect.

It is essential to follow the whole process of washing your hair one at a time.


Thermal Protection Spray

At first, you might think it’s just another marketing ploy, but it’s not. Thermal protection is a must-have frizzy hair remedy if you’re not ready to give up everyday styling with a blow dryer or other stylers. This product will help you solve an important problem in life. With it, you will no longer have to think about what to do if your hair is frizzy. Olive oil and other useful components are the base for the most frequent means. It help prevent the devastating effects of using a hair dryer and curling iron.

It is an effective product for curly hair, which guarantees UV protection, restores hair elasticity, and improves combing. With regular use of the spray, you will never have the question on how to make your hair silk. The product makes hair manageable, gives strands shine, and provides vitaminized care.


Microfiber towel

Owners of frizzy hair appreciate such an invention as a microfiber towel. It is an excellent frizzy hair treatment for porous, wavy, and frizzy hair. By the way, we recommend it to those who practice the curly drying method.

The soft fabric of such a towel allows you to quickly absorb moisture after washing your hair while not traumatizing and not drying out the curls. You do not have such a towel yet? Get the same effect by using a simple cotton t-shirt instead of a towel for your hair.



Smoothing the hair cuticle, giving your hair smoothness, and shine, and at the same time, a gentle fragrance – all these are the tasks of hair oils. Since vegetable and silicone oils are typically included in the formula, this sub-category of leave-in products can also help make hair less frizzy. It helps to moisture on the one hand and repels water on the other, protecting hair from external damage. You may apply the oils as a frizzy hair solution  to the entire hair length or to the ends, which are often frizzy and split. Look for the words “light” and “dry” on the label, indicating that the product will not weigh down your locks. The list of ingredients must include:

  • sunflower seed oil;
  • coconut oil;
  • lavender extract;
  • argan, camellia, marula, prakaxi, amla, corn kernel oil;
  • other sources of vitamins and ceramides.

You should apply this frizzy hair remedy  at the end after blow-drying and styling. That’s when it will work best.


Moisturizing shampoo 

Shampoo is the first step in washing your hair. You have to choose it carefully according to your scalp type and the desired result. An excellent moisturizing shampoo is the best way to help frizz-free hair when used regularly. Look for natural, plant-based moisturizers and nutrients like coconut oil, glycerin, and sesame oil. 


Proper Drying

The condition of your strands largely depends on how you dry them. If possible, it is better to try to dry fuzzy strands naturally. At the same time, combing wet hair is unnecessary.

When drying with a hair dryer, we recommend selecting the least hot mode. If there is a cold air mode, we recommend finishing the hair drying with it. This natural frizzy hair treatment will help the cuticle scales to close more tightly and thus make the hair smoother. For the same reason, you should dry the strands in the direction of hair growth.



Use a moisturizing mask more than once a week. Look for ingredients that not only moisturize, but help retain moisture inside your curls when choosing a product. The main thing is that the mask should contain enough nourishing oils and also structural components such as:

  • Keratin;
  • Amino acids;
  • Proteins;
  • The ubiquitous hydrates. 

Including a few ingredients to help control frizz is a good idea. Usually, these are whole complexes of frizzy hair treatments. Getting rid of frizz without hair masks is problematic. Because they provide intensive care, restoring the cuticle layer and helping to make dry and frizzy hair smooth, shiny, and flowing. After applying the mask, the hair does not tangle. It is easy to comb and style.

You should use the mask regularly, 1-2 times a week. Apply it only along the length, on wet hair, “combing” the strands with your fingers.



An excellent remedy for frizzy hair is a comb or brush made with natural bristles. It can smooth out the scales and make your strands look less frizzy. See how to style curly strands with just a comb and styling products.



What are the leading causes of frizz hair?

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Once you know the basic methods of dealing with frizzy hair, it is logical to think about the causes of the problem.

A model hairstyle is a dream for everyone for whom frizz is a real misfortune. Girls are envious of their girlfriends with smooth hair and do not know how to change the situation for the better. We’ll reassure you immediately and tell you that you can solve everything. You need to have an effective remedy for hair frizz and use it to eliminate the hated dandelion effect.

1. Individual characteristics

Genetics comes first. If you have a question about how to stop frizzy hair, you could have inherited the issue from your mother. Your head looks like a summer dandelion bud, and it’s hard to change. As your hair grows, it curls around its axis. If you twist too much, the hairs become deformed.

It’s a natural process that makes your hair look frizzy. It is difficult to fight, but you should try to change the situation. For this purpose, there are unique products, with the help of which the curls become soft and easy to comb. Producers developed the products based on ingredients that improve the structure of the hair. Therefore, you can observe good results when using them.    

2. Lack of moisture

If the hair is dry and lifeless, the dandelion effect soon occurs. You can observe moisture deficiency under the influence of external factors. It is the scorching summer sun and dry air in a heated room in winter. Also, chemical exposure, poor-quality care products, and constant styling with hot tools in the curls promote hair dehydration.

3. Electrification of hair

It is a common reason why girls are perplexed. They don’t know what treatments use to reduce frizzy hair. Electrification refers to the accumulation of positively charged ions. The ions repel each other, forcing the hair to lift. It creates a frizz that everyone doesn’t like. The synthetic clothes that we put on and take off contribute to electrification. To minimize this phenomenon, you should wear clothes made of natural materials.

4. Hard water

“How to stop frizzy hair”  is a popular query arising after washing your hair with hard water. Hard water contains components that worsen the condition of hair. It means imbalance, brittleness, and frizz. It is necessary to soften the water to eliminate the problem. You can do it by adding lemon juice to the water. The recommended proportion is a teaspoon of juice per liter of water.

5. Frequent use of hot tools, grooming procedures

Regular use of dyes, hair dryer, iron, and multistyler leads to trauma to the structure of the strands. During aggressive exposure to external factors, dryness, and a dandelion effect may occur. You should not leave such an issue unattended. Thermal protection spray minimizes the negative effects of hot tools and treatments. It is a protective solution  against frizzy hair, which we have discussed in more detail in the article. 

How to get rid of hair frizz is a concern that occurs for other reasons as well. These include a lack of vitamins, the wrong shampoo and conditioner, stress and poor sleep. On the way to change the situation, you need to act comprehensively. Reconsider your habits, adjust your diet, buy a spray for frizz hair and use regularly as directed.



Q. Is it possible to get rid of hair frizz with homemade masks?

Ans: Yes, you can fight the frizz on your own with the help of masks, mainly oil, with various useful additives such as yoghurt, eggs, and honey. The main thing is to choose the most suitable option for your hair type. Choose honey for dry scalp and yoghurt for oily. 


Q. How to get rid of frizzy hair in 5 minutes?

Ans: You can eliminate frizz instantly: just moisten the palm of your hand with water and run it over your hair. If the hair is curly, you have to run a wet palm over the hair several times. You can also apply an indelible treatment or cosmetic hair oil – this will immediately smooth them out.


Q. How to control frizzy hair naturally?

Ans: You can use base oils. Almost any oil is good for dry hair that cannot retain moisture and becomes electrified and frizzy.

Choose the oil you like. But coconut, olive, and avocado oil are most suitableу. Warm 3 tablespoons of the oil-based mixture in a water bath. Apply the warm mixture to your hair, put on a cap, and wrap your head with a towel. Leave it for two hours. Rinse off with warm water.


Q. How to stop frizzy hair?

Ans: First, providing good care with an adequately selected shampoo, moisturizing balm, and masks with nutrients and regenerating substances is necessary. The frizz problem is perfectly solved by leave-in products, which usually create a barrier between the hair and the environment and protect them from dryness.

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