How to Promote Hair Growth Safely & Naturally!

How to Promote Hair Growth Safely & Naturally!

As we all know, hair plays a major part in our appearance, and while color, style and length are all important, the most crucial factor is how healthy it is. Learn more about your hair in this blog, including how to promote hair growth safely & naturally it growing longer, stronger, and healthier hair.

An average person loses between 70 and 100 hair strands. However, this usually goes unnoticed since new hair growth replaces them throughout the day as they fall out.


What are the causes of hair fall?

Even while temporary hair loss is the normal, it’s still important to check into the possible causes of your hair loss and to determine the best course of action. Here are some of the most typical reasons for hair loss:

  • Chemical coloring treatments
  • Extensions of hair
  • Hair Styling Tools
  • Hormonal changes
  • Certain Medications
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Nutrient Deficiencies


6 Effective healthy hair growth tips

The appropriate hair care advice may prevent the hair from weakening at the conclusion of each hair development cycle (and perhaps even encourage hair growth), even though genetics have a significant effect in hair health. says that the following advice may help to boost hair growth naturally and safely.

1. Scalp massage

Correct scalp the flow of blood is essential for healthy hair. A scalp massage may strengthen the hair strands and stimulate the hair follicles.

  • You should massage your scalp with an organic hair oil.


Short Tip

Just enough pressure should be applied to your fingertips as you massage your scalp, starting at the crown and working your way down to the hairline. Make sure your fingernails don’t scratch your scalp.


2. Regular hair trimming

Healthy hair cannot develop because of split ends. They cause individual hair strands to become knotted and fall out as a result. Trimming your hair frequently encourages healthy hair.


3. Gently comb your hair

Detangling the knots should be done gently. Your hair may split and fall out if you brush it too hard. The brush you use is also crucial. Use the following kinds of brushes to untangle knots to ensure less breakage:

  • A wide-tooth comb
  • A detangling brush
  • A round-bristled paddle brush
  • Organic Pure Neem Wood Comb


4. Use organic hair care solutions

Organic hair care products aid in preventing hair damage brought on by toxic chemical-filled hair care products. Unlike their synthetic equivalents, organic haircare products are sensitive and won’t hurt your hair in any way. For instance, organic hair care products, including oil, shampoo, masks, and colors, can both clean and develop new hair.


5. Consume proteins and vitamins

Eating enough protein is essential for hair growth because protein makes up a significant component of hair follicles. Insufficient protein in the diet has been shown to accelerate hair loss; thus, eggs are a fantastic source of protein. Vitamins are also essential for the growth of hair. The best vitamins for development and regrowing hair are zinc, biotin, iron, vitamin D, vitamin E, and B vitamins.


6. Get more hydrated

Water consumption is essential for the growth of natural hair. Our hair shaft contains at least 25% water, just like our body, which has a high-water content. Drink plenty of liquids for keeping your hair hydrated.


Let’s try homemade mask for natural hair growth.

1.  Egg mask treatment

A protein called keratin is the main component of your hair. Your hair follicles may get stronger because of egg’s high protein content. Your hair is shielded from drying out by the egg mask’s moisture content.

How to Make                       

  • To get a smooth consistency, mix an egg yolk in a bowl.
  • Once the mixture has a creamy texture, add yoghurt to it.
  • Apply this combination to damp hair, then leave it in for 20 minutes.
  • To rinse your hair, use normal water and mild shampoo.


2.  Onion mask treatment

Onions are excellent for the hair, and this is used in many hair care and beauty care products. The circulation that the onion juice improves the nutrition and hydration of the hair follicles. The ability to grow hair fast and more collagen, maintain better health in the hair is also enabled by onions.

How to Make

  • Blend the onion in a blender and get the juice in a bowl.
  • Take three tablespoons of onion juice.
  • 1 tsp. of coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • Mix all the ingredients thoroughly.
  • Apply all over the hair, paying special attention to the roots.
  • You should let it sit for an hour before shampooing.



There are an incredible number of choices and options when looking for techniques to restore hair or stop hair growth. But the scope becomes a bit smaller when you want to boost hair growth naturally and safely.
You must carefully follow the hair development strategy you are following if you want to boost hair growth. Eat meals that promote the growth of hair, such as protein and other vitamins. Avoid using bleach and other products with chemicals on your hair because they can damage it. With the right dietary habits and lifestyle choices, hair health over the long run can be enhanced. how to promote hair growth safely & naturally It’s as simple as it gets to stimulate the scalp with some shower swaps and massages!



Q. How rapidly does hair growth grow?

Ans: The typical growth rate of human hair is roughly half an inch per month, or six inches per year. A healthy follicle is the source of healthy hair on your head. The root from which new hair grows is located at the base of the follicle.

Q. Regrowing lost hair is it possible?

Ans: There are effective natural therapies for some types of hair loss. You might be able to stop hair fall altogether or at least slow it down. So, don’t worry; you can try the best organic and natural hair care products it can promote your hair grow faster and helped to proper blood circulation, such as organic oil, shampoo, hair mask, natural hair color, some home cures, or routinely massaging your scalp.

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