What Causes Grey Hair at Early Age and How to get rid of it?

What Causes Grey Hair at Early Age and How to get rid of it?

Concerned about grey hair at an early age? Here is your guide to the reasons for young white hair and ways to avoid it.
Do you worry about going grey too soon? Are you among the young people who try to find solutions for greying hair? You’ve come to the correct place. Continue reading to learn the causes of white hair in young people and how to prevent it.
But before we proceed, let’s understand what hair whitening is.
Well, as you age, your hair naturally begins to grey. It’s possible that as you get older, your hair will also start to grey. Your hair follicles contains the pigment melanin, which gives to your hair shaft its black color. Your hair goes grey as a natural component of ageing when your hair follicles stop producing melanin.
What causes white hair at a young age?

7 Major causes to youngest age in white hair

1. Hair products containing high chemicals.

Shampoos, conditioners, and chemicals hair color contain ingredients that indirectly stop the development of melanin, they may quickly change the hair shaft into grey. If used frequently, hydrogen peroxide and bleaching chemicals in hair coloring can turn hair white.

2. A lack of vitamins and minerals

Other variables that could contribute to follicle whitening include iron, folate, vitamin D, and vitamin B12 deficiency. Premature greying of the hair is related to low levels of biotin and a folic acid deficiency.

3. Several health issues

We need to consider these medical issues as contributory variables because a few of them have been connected to premature white hair. Grey hair can be brought on by inflammatory conditions and thyroid issues. Hormonal abnormalities and a decrease in melanin production occur when you have a thyroid condition. As a result, you develop grey hair.

4. Hydrogen peroxide

The hair follicles create hydrogen peroxide, which over time builds up on the hair shafts. As a result of the bleaching, the hair gradually turns white. You might be able to get rid of this build-up and get your hair back to its natural colour.

5. Smoking

Smoking is not only bad for your health, but it may also harm your hair. Smoking causes blood vessels to enlarge, which decreases the blood supply to your hair follicles. When cigarette smoke is inhaled, its chemicals can harm hair follicles and increase the occurrence of grey hair.

6. Stress

You are more likely to get premature greying if you undergo chronic stress for an extended period. No matter how stressful your family life is or how overworked and tired you are, stress will cause your hair to progressively turn grey more quickly. The loss of stem cells in hair follicles has been connected to stress; hence, if you constantly feel guilty about yourself, you are more likely to get white hair.

7. Diet

An unbalanced diet might quicken the ageing process of your hair. A person’s chance of the body producing free radicals, which can cause their hair to become grey, increases if they eat processed foods, drink cold beverages, and consume a lot of salt and sugar. For good hair and to avoid becoming grey, make sure you eat a balanced diet.


You can get rid of your white hair by using the following advice:

Stop using shampoo on a regular basis – If you use shampoo on a regular basis, please stop. Choose only an organic or herbal instead of your chemical-based shampoo. Chemical based shampoos and conditioners contain harsh chemicals that interfere the formation of pigment and result in hair loss and pre-mature greying of hair.

Organic hair color is the best option – Organic color works particularly well. To provide the appropriate color tone, ideal shine, and total nutrient absorption for the hair, organic hair color contains organic herbs that develop the growth of the hair and scalp health for grey hair.

Try using organic hair conditioners – You can hydrate your hair by using organic conditioners and an extract made of plant and root materials. Your hair will continue to feel soft and will stop premature greying as a result.

Consume foods high in vitamin B12 – One of the most frequent causes of prematurely white hair is a lack of vitamin B-12 in your diet. According to studies, those with folic acid and biotin deficiencies also tend to have vitamin B-12 shortages. As a result, they start greying their hair.

Vitamins that improve the condition of your hair include:
Vitamin A
B vitamins, especially B-12 and biotin.
Vitamin D
Vitamin E

Organic Henna for hair – Henna is an organic color from nature gift to our hair, can help your scalp heal. Applying organic henna at least once a week can stop premature hair greying. It not only stops your hair from whitening, but it also gets rid of any white hair you already have.

Organic hair oils – Your hair can be hydrated with organic oils. Effective herbal oils can also be used to repair damaged hair. Massage your scalp and hair for one of the greatest all-natural ways to get rid of white hair. It is also an excellent strategy to put off the start of early hair whitening.



Any age can experience the appearance of white and grey hairs, which can result from a variety of various causes. Early greying can be caused by any vitamin B-6, B-12, biotin, vitamin D, or vitamin E deficiency. The main and most logical scientific reason for grey hair is genetics. Premature grey hair cases have also grown because of stress and urban lifestyle. While grey hair is very normal to appear in your mid-40s, it’s terrible in your 20s and 30s! Grey hair results from a decrease in melanin production by the body, which is what gives hair its dark color. Although lack of nutrition and heredity are the main causes of greying, heavy tobacco use, smoking, or emotional stress can also contribute to it. Don’t worry Ayurveda has successfully turned your grey hair into natural black hair.



Q. What Is Organic Hair color?
Ans. Organic hair color which contains only organic botanicals and herbs which are grown without pesticides and chemicals. They are also be considered safer for the environment.

Q. What can be done to stop grey hair naturally?
Ans. Phyllanthus emblica, also known as amla. Drink a half-cup of fresh amla juice every day, massage your hair with organic amla oil once a week, and apply an organic hair mask or hair color to naturally prevent grey hair.

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